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Damn Yankees
   The time was late in our Senior Year--mid March 1967, the venue was the Pascack Valley HS Auditorium; the last winter snows of our High School years were gradually melting away.
   As a fitting finale – commensurate in time with baseball’s first “crack of the bat” being the natural harbinger of a hopeful springtime soon forthcoming, the Class of ‘67 produced its final play – appropriately in this instance, the musical “Damn Yankees.”
   Donated recently to Our Website by PV’s Bill Getler is its “Playbill” (just how “The Duke” has somehow held onto it for all of these 43 years we are not sure if even he actually knows); however we all do thank him greatly for sharing it again with us and certain that we will all also truly enjoy seeing it once again here.
   Reading not only the pages below--but in so doing also seeing the so many familiar names of all its happy, erstwhile and talented participants will thankfully provide us with another melancholic yet also delightful, stroll down our collective Memory Lane.
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