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Thanks, Tom, so very much for your always erudite – as well as comprehensive recapping (which appears below) of the recently-completed Duke III extravaganza.
In the space of a compendious 3,718 words – incidentally, only a mere 3,440 words more than contained in the entire Gettysburg Address, I believe you have provided for all of us who were not in attendance the full stroke by stroke, blow by blow consummation as it were experience of what it was like to have actually been there.
And while your integrity is -- and has never been other than unquestioned even one scintilla (after all, tributes such as “The Pisarri Cup” are not bestowed in the name of anyone of any lesser stature) – and in echo of the thanks and appreciation of and for all of the wonderful and extensive effortings that you, along with “Billy-Duke” Getler as he is now known in such southern climes, made to arrange for and organize this wonderful -- and now thrice annual event (read: "hootenanny"), you are, truth be told, a competing RiverValian -- and harking back to that which my own dear ol’ Dad would often ask me growing up “have you ever seen a one-sided coin?” I think we all are looking forward to hearing, or reading as it were, the Hillsdalian side of that proverbial coin…
So while I was, regrettably, unable to do so in person at The Duke III, with this I am here and forthwith teeing it up for our own Capitaine Carmine Iadarola, the Hillsdalian Commander in (Mis)Chief…(who's "version" also appears below)
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