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mini reunion
Every year, Albuquerque has an international balloon fiesta first weekend of October thru second weekend of October. For those living in the western united states, it's a great way to get together....
Last Post: Nov 10th 2010
Author: maedgen
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2012 Ideas
I'd like to suggest 1)an event in the Hillsdale/Northern NJ area (not on a boat since we've done that), and 2)one at a destination location (ala Bear Mt. - they have a new pavilion and rooms are...
Last Post: Oct 31st 2009
Author: mommamia
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Keeping the large reunions in Jersey is smart. It is where we all met. Smaller get togethers depends on who is organizing. Maybe a Christmas event in Jersey makes sense since some of us maybe...
Last Post: Jul 4th 2009
Author: kcammarata
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Reunion Ideas: Class Project?
The stock market has crashed... so let's think in terms of keeping costs down for our next reunion. PVHS & PHHS together is a must for those of us "on the border" who have friends from both schools. ...
Last Post: Jul 3rd 2009
Author: Cecily
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Annual Golf Outing- Myrtle Beach S.C.
I was thinking a annual golf outing might be a good idea. Anyone that attended 'Bear's'unoffical golf outing will tell you what a blast we had. I live in Myrtle Beach,and this place is a golf junkies...
Last Post: Nov 22nd 2008
Author: billy1948
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MINI Reunion
Warick valley winery in warwick ,NY wine tasting,food, and entertainment,,,,,check out A fun place and inexspensive....they have had other reunions there!
Last Post: Nov 13th 2007
Author: gail
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How about a weekend or longer stay at a resort here in florida? I know valley did that 5 years ago. Alot of us have relocated to the south and I think it would be great to get together at a...
Last Post: Oct 20th 2007
Author: debora9849
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The Hudson Valley
Things are really taking of up here, The Newburgh river front has all the fancy restaurants and even river cruises down to West Point. A new Hilton Hotel had open 100 yards down from Orange County...
Last Post: Oct 16th 2007
Author: bill
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