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Dennis Conway
January 12, 1949 Retired - Jan 09 Married 2 PH 2017-10-11 15:17:45
Enlisted in USMC out of HS; spent 10 mos in Vietnam; 1st graduating class at Bergen Community in 71; graduated from Montclair State in 73;  married girl from Park Ridge in 72; worked 1 yr for EDS; 2 yrs P&G (sales); AMP Inc/Tyco Electronics 33yrs, retired as VP Sales & Mktg for America’s after several years as Director of Global Accounts.  2 children, both extremely successful & 5 grandchildren.  Live 4 miles from the ocean on a Jack Nicholas golf course (Bayside) and play 3-4 times a week when not traveling.  I am living a blessed life. Send Dennis a MessageSend Dennis a Message
Anne Cooper (Wharton)
July 02, 1949 Speech Language Pathologist Married 3 2012-07-13 18:53:08
After 21 years in the same school system, I will be retiring in May.  I do plan to work part time; just enough to afford the travel John and I plan to do.  Our 8 granddchildren keep us busy camping and babysitting.  The oldest is in college and the youngest is an infant. Send Anne a MessageSend Anne a Message
Rick Davis Professor Married 2 2012-07-13 19:01:12
The 35th reunion was great, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at the 40th. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Jack Ebeler
August 07, 1950 Semi-retired, health care policy Married 2 Pascack Hilles 2017-02-25 06:55:11
First, thanks to those who set up and maintain website and are organizing the reunion.  So, its been a long time - I won't make reunion but here are the basics.  Went to Dickinson College where I met and married Carolyn almost 47 years ago.  We have two daughters and five grandchildren, and are fortunate that both families live nearby.  We're in Reston, VA, outside Washington, DC - have been in DC area since college with exception of a year in Boston for graduate school and five years in Minnesota for work.  I stumbled, with no training, into a very satisfying career in health policy - about a third in a couple stints in/out of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, a third in consulting and a third in several private, non-profit entities.  We're mostly retired now - a little consulting but mostly volunteer work, seeing family and friends, spoiling grandkids and travel.      Send Jack a MessageSend Jack a Message
Nancy Egner (Markos) Elementary Physical Education Teacher Married 2 2012-08-06 12:30:52
Attending Valley/Hills was a special time in my life.  Looking forward to seeing friends from the good old days.  Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Beth Fenton (Spaulding) Semi Retired Married 2 PV 2017-03-05 16:12:27
I have been married for 39 years to my husband Jim.
We have two children -- a girl and a boy--and a beautiful 15 yr old 
granddaughter . I'm happily semi retired and enjoying life in the
sunny South.
Looking forward to the 50th reunion and have
enjoyed seeing so many classmates at the annual Duke.
Linda Mockel , Kathy Galloway and I have been getting
together 3 times a year since we reconnected at
our 35th reunion in Orlando. Like going back in time.
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Jon Finger
October 31, 1949 sales manager Married 1 2012-07-14 00:21:01
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Bill Gallagher
Profile picture
Now Counselor/Consultant Divorced 3 2012-08-06 12:32:42
Moved up to NY state to Washingtonville in 1979 after selling a house in Bergen County, with my pregnant wife.  Spent 22 years in Washingtonville, raised three great children and after 25 years of marriage became single once more.  After high school went into the service and used the GI Bill to finish college and graduate school. Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Kathy Galloway (Wrenn)
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Now Retired Single 1 2012-07-13 17:38:52

2009 will soon be here - I send everyone thoughts of peace along with hope that the New Year is the beginning of an extraordinary time for us all. Hope to see you in the Spring!!

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January 22, 1949 BUYER Divorced 2012-07-14 01:59:05

Hey everyone.  I wish I had known this website existed a few years ago.  Great way to get back in touch.  I've lived in South Carolina since 1974 and really enjoy the pace of life here.  I work as a buyer for a specialty gas company and would like to retire soon, but I like to eat too much.  Just recentldy returned from a trip to Italy which was amazing.  Hope everyone is well and happy and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

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