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 Regarding the List below:

    . (*) by a person's name indicates they attended the wonderfully fun & successful 40-Year Reunion held October 6th & 7th, 2007

  . (c) by a person's name indicates they were a member of the Reunion 2007 Committee who contributed so much to make it all possible.

    >> for more familiar referencing, all female Classmates are listed alphabetically by their better-known-to-us Maiden surname; their Married surname is listed too however, where known/applicable, in parentheses.



 Allen, Judith (Marcucci)

Atanasio, Philip

Baratta, Linda (Egan)

Barcelona, Robert

Berman, Elizabeth

Birkins, Ran

Blumel, William

Botherston, Bruce

*Buchner, Lenny

Burley, John

*Cafaro, Al

*Callahan, Joyce (Crompton)

Cassi, Mary Ann (Blackburn)

*Ciccarello, Nick

Contreni, Laurence

Conway, Dennis

*Corcoran, Dorothy (Calabrese)

D'Anci, Frank 

*Debon, Linda (Silk)

Delafrange, Suzanne (Donzello)

Doscher, Irene (Crowther)

Ebeler, Jack

*Egner, Nancy (Markos)

Erlenwein, Robert

*Fiorini, Jef

Frederick, Ed

Gladstone, Jane (Schulman)

Glemby, Robyn (Pharr)

Gorman, Valerie (Stewart)

 Greenhause, Debbie (Rankin)

Gronbeck, Donn

*Grunwald, Cory  (Pollack)

Guarneri, Janice (Grgin)

Guertin, Kay

Gugliuzza, Theresa (Blevins)

Hamel, Marilyn (Victor)

*Haroldson, Ken 

Heyler, Brian

Hough, Linda (Sacchieri)

*Huber, Kenneth

Hurd, Lorraine (Guagenti)

Itzkoff, Jerry

*Janssen, Tim

*Johansen, Keith

Kafka, Donald "Chris"

Kaliski, Veronica "Roni"

Kammerer, Karen  (Kenney)

Kaspar, Nancy (Judd)

Kaufmann, Betsy (Kuss)

Keller, Steven

Kelly, Charlene (Anderson)

Kramer, Sabine (Schmidt)

*Kramer, Gail (LaBarbera) 

Kuchar, Jane (Loupos)

LaBarbera, Joseph

*LaPenna, Karen (McGuire)

Lejeune, Jacques

*Leplattenier, William

Levine, Mary (Hannah)

Luthy, Madeleine (Pukinskis)

MacGregor, Bonnie (Leet)

MacGregor, Donna (Lajterman)

*(c) Maggio, Toni (George) 

Malone, Alice (Errickson)

Maloney, Toni (Cavuoto)

*(c) Marion, Edie (Weinthal)

*McCabe, Peter 

*McKernan, Peter

Miceli, JoAnna "Jo" (Scherling)

Minck, Ken

Mollat, Karen (Donnelly-Draak)

*Montalbano, Peter

, Dana

*Mullen, Patricia (Lackwitz)

Natirboff, Jon

Newman, John Kennedy

*Nicoll, Molly (Doland)

Palien, Jane (Gaulding)

Petramale, Daniel

*Pfortner, Ray

Post, James

Price, Jeff

Purrington,Abby (Geddes)

Rattazzi, Karen (Stein)

Richmond, Stuart

*Rinaldi, Wayne

*Rosenthal, Andrew

Samson, Ron

*Saslow, Douglas

Schell, Sandra (Rocheleau)

Schlenker, Elaine (Prizzi)

Schramm, Philip

*Shaughnessy, William

*Silk, Erica (Kirsners)

Sills, Laurie (Greene)

Spearing, Donna (Eakin) (Attn: Donna)

Stiefel, Vicki

*Stillwell, Deb 

*Swanson, Jim

Thaisz, Mark

Thayer, Paul

Torricelli, Janet (Skrzypek)

Jimmy Valentine

Vince, Lucille (Meagher)

Virgilio, Nanette

Wermer, Carol (Driscoll)

Williams, Linda

Wilson, Jane (Bieberbach)

Wood, Beverly

Zacharie, Dawn Barcalow

Zampolin, John

            Zimmerman, Carolyn, Kismet (Watson)