Our first, mini, stay-at-home Duke (without the Duke) was an unqualified success. The weather was perfect NJ July weather, hot and a bit steamy, and the course was in terrific shape.
The staff at RVCC went out of its way for us, especially at dinner since they are trying to establish themselves as one of the area's premier semi-private courses.
(As an aside, when we have our 45th reunion next year we might seriously consider having a golf tourney
and dinner at the course for anyone
who wants to play and eat).

One little glitch was that our "lady" foursome played as a threesome because Dabney Roush was under the weather. She rallied later in the PM and came to dinner to make sure Jeff did not get out of line. She was successful. The 3 ladies who played, Ana Myers, Leslie Lambros and Linda Pisarri played well and had a lot of laughs. Unbeknownst to them Ann Langran was waiting in the wings to play but opted for shopping, a manicure, pedicure and massage instead. The second glitch was that the Clarks could not attend because of a family issue. Hopefully, they will make it next year.
The golf match saw the Roush/Venti/Lambros/Pisarri team nip the Myers/Weiner/Langran/Lorenz team in a gross, best ball match, -5 to -3. It was good to see The Duke, Hillsdale teammates Roush and Lambros learn what it is like to win again, having been on the "short side" for several years at the Duke. Since Jeff will not be at this year's Duke IV it will be up to King George to describe what it is like to win and he has vowed to explain everything in detail to Capitan Carmine. King George had a bit of a rough start as he sliced one of his thumbs attempting to remove an old spike from one of his golf shoes. Blood was everywhere and an excuse for not playing well was there for the taking.
With no excuses and a bloodied hand,
 George was undaunted - and played no worse than he would have than if his thumb was digitally perfect(?).
We thought of contacting eminent hand surgeon
PV-Dr. Roger Rosenstein to take a look at George's thumb but George said he would tough it out and also said he could probably not afford Roger's fee.
Jeff made the shot of the day for the winners. On the most difficult par 4 the team's selected drive was in the rough, under a tree but with a flat lie and about 265 yards from the green. The team could not afford to make a bogey but a par looked problematic at best. Jeff decided he needed some incentive before he hit the shot so he decided to text Dabney for words of wisdom and encouragement. While the 3 of us twiddled our thumbs, actually George could twiddle only one thumb - Jeff sent the text and must have received a short but inspirational text because he stepped up to his ball and rifled a long stinger under the branches of the tree and up onto the green. 2 putts later we saved par. Thanks God for 21st century technology.
Joe V. iced the victory with key putts on the last several holes On these holes we were down to our last putt and Joe, exhibiting some of that talent that learned growing up and playing at Park Vale and Blue Hill golf courses and honed on his golf team at college, stepped up to several 10 - 12 footers and drained them.
The Myers/Weiner/Langran/Lorenz team could not find the rhythm needed to string some birdies together on the back nine and came up 2 shots short.
Joe V. had an interesting comment and suggestion as we, meaning the men golfers slugged our way around the course, gesticulating and "commenting" like most golfers as miss hit and errant shots littered the course. As you may of may not know, our own doctor Susan Goldin-Meadow, is an internationally known and respected author, lecturer and Beardsley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. Her CV is so long you will need several cups of coffee to read it in its entirety. What peaked Joe's interest was that she has studied and written extensively on subjects such as and I am going to simply this so I can make it relevant, gestural comprehension, the mismatch between gesture and speech, linguistics, sign language and related stuff like that. Joe figured if Susan wanted to deviate just a wee bit from some of the boring stuff she has studied she might want to look into the mismatch between gestures and speech in the adult male golfer.
Following, Bear, or King George, or John Markert or God forbid, Wild Bill Holler for 4 hours on the golf course would lead her to discover things about gestures and language that she has not heretofore written about or observed. For instance, there is the classic but always interesting gesture and comments when a 2 foot putt is missed. The WTF look followed by a short but to the point comment with simultaneous hand and digit manipulations and sometimes followed by the always unfortunate club abuse. What do these gestures and comments say about us and is there a deeper meaning than just "did you see my ball hit that bump?!!" What does the speech (if you can call it that) say about us as adults, etc, bla bla bla. Joe suggested that Susan follow us around the course next year, take some notes, write a book and split the royalties with us. Sounds like an idea and we will wait to hear back from Dr. Meadow, I mean Susan not Bill.  Bill is a golfer and is invited to play at RVCC next year and at The Duke, and it would be interesting to find out whether Susan has knowledge as to Bill's on course gesticulations.
Back to our Golf and Eat.
After golf and around 6:00 the non-golfers arrived for appetizers and dinner. It was good to see Geerd who made the trip from Goshen. Steve Hanson came with a friend fresh, from watching Derek Jeter go 5-5 and get his 3,000th hit. Linda Meyers Verdicchio and husband Ron, Robin and Clem, Barbara Lorenz, Ann Langran and Joe V's friend Cathy came to eat and drank till about 11:00. The food was plentiful and tasty. Everyone caught up on what is going on and retirement, grandchildren and the economy were popular subjects. Since our meeting the Lorenzs are now grand parents and a second grand child is due shortly. Congrats.
One interesting story was told by Joe V, confirmed by Rich L and not remembered so well by Jeff. It had to do with a camping trip gone bad, and a first marriage gone even worse. Very funny stuff but I can not relate it here. Much like the infamous Carmine motorcycle story told each year by Bill Holler at The Duke this story will only be told at this gathering.
I think that is it. For those who attended thanks for coming and if anyone wants to correct or add anything that I intentionally or unintentionally related or that I forgot, be my guest.
Now we turn to The Duke IV, just about 50 days away. I hope to send out an email next week since we have to fill our 14 BR house and we must finalize our arrangements.
Anyone who thinks they will come who has not committed yet let me know ASAP.
Thomas J. Pisarri, Esq.
126 State Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Ph: (201) 342-3038