May our Classmates
               who have passed before us 
                be Remembered ...

               Ralph Cernak 1967-1968
                ROTC Helicopter Crash

              Bruce Deckter

             Nora Llanusa

                      Gregory Dunn  (sometime in 1970)

                  Dan Scranton  2-20-72

             Steve Pimental 1975

               William Hauswirth 1981

               David Laird 12-1-1984

               Urs Vollenweider 6-16-95

                Harry Moldt 1995

                  Paul "Mick" Harvilik 1995

                Bobby Bird

                Peter Bradley

                Lon Galbraith

                 Kenji Hanyu

                  Valerie LaRocca

               Jim Opsal

                Kathy Schanck

                Charlie Reis

                      Patrice Sobin (Paz) 9-11-2001
                      World Trade Center
                 Drew Eberth 2005

                  Gunther Finke

                       Gary "Whitey" Burford  5-22-06

                       Chris Davis (Slezak) 5-22-06

                        Ellen Lewerth (Burford) 2-2-07

                         Nancy Kutcher 6-19-07

                      Brenda Bull 10-17-07

                     Steven Friis   2008

                         Barbara McGonegal (Potts)

                         Andrea Jersey  6-26-08

                      Mark Wile  9-11-08

                         Arthur "Big Art" Imerito 8-25-09
                         2007 Reunion Committee Chairman

                       Peter Woolley 8-31-09

                         George "Craig" Mowbray Oct 09

                          Ken Jones

                        Scott Kenney  10-28-10

                          Sarah Anne "Sally" Carson


                     Scott Berman  1 -12

                         Bill "Duke" Getler   11-20-12

                     Maria Sager  2013

                     Paul Knob  2-3-13

                         Rick Hiergesell   2-26-13 

                       Neil Hering   10-11-13

                          Carolyn Dayson Sams   6-18-14

                      Richard Sorensen 2-15

                           Igor Givotovsky  4-8-15

                            Charles Johnston  6-2-15

                             David P. O'Brien  12-05-15

                                Arnold De Pasquale  3-15-16

                            Nina Pearson  4-24-16

                          Jeff Murren 7-22-216

                                 Anne Dyer (Phillips)   1-11-17

                                 Mabel Dianne Cole  (Brill)        






Philip Goodyear - Physics PV 1997

Arnold Petersen - Math

Joseph A. McKenna - Business PV 2002

Roy Lupinacci - Ind. Arts & Football Coach, PV

Balkom J. Reaves, Humanities, Vice-Principal PV 2004

Alfred "Al" LaPaglia - English PV  -09/2007

Willis Swales - Chemistry PV -10/2008

Edward Strohmeyer - Math/Basketball Coach PH- 03/2010

Vernon G. Doolittle - Socials Studies PV - 06/2010 

Thomas E. Williams -Math/German/Coach PV -06/2014

Joseph Talamo - Chmn & Dir.
Athletics/Track & Football Coach PV  09/2014


Albert G. Kuehnapfel - Math (PV)  04-07-2015
Dir. Athletics; Wrestling, Track, & (PV's 1st) Soccer Coach 9/26/15
Director of Athletics, Wrestling Coach, Track Coach and the school's first Soccer Coach

Louis Cassella  Head of History Dept. at Pascack Hills

    This is the one page on our website that is both couched in sadness and quite delicate to portray as you undoubtedly understand. 

    Without attempting to sound morose, yet in trying to deal with a portion of this site which is inevitably going to "grow" in size, the Committee is actively discussing how to both heartfully and in best taste/judgement and decorum present this information for the edification of the Class both now and in the future, so we are both requesting and welcome your input as how best to handle matters here moving forward.

       Note: it has already been suggested (thank you) that this list, instead of being listed in alphabetical order, should appear instead in chronological order.

       To that end, this list as presently configured represents our understanding here; however if you have any knowledge as to the date/year of passing of our Classmates--and/or have any "history," Obituary or other information of an anecdotal nature that you believe our Classmates would like to be aware of and/or share regarding these Classmates, please feel free to communicate this information to us, too, so that we can incorporate it on our website in the future.

   And, of course, if you learn in the future of any Classmate either missing from this list or who should now appear here, please share it with us by emailing any/all of the following, please/thanks:

 Carol Marcellari (Coffey) 

Virginia Lisanti (Ricci)