October 7, 2017
9 months and 9 days since
our Reunion.

Your Reunion Newsletter
Vol. #7  –  September  2017
Countdown to Reunion:  weeks


Might you later regret not attending?
Maybe a busy Reunion weekend is too much for you, so why not consider attending the Picnic & BBQ on Sunday October 8th just over the border in Orangeburg NY? Most who attended other events will be in attendance, plus others who skipped most events, preferring just a casual couple of hours catching up with a few classmates.
Consider this:  There is a big difference between how people who have attended their 50th rate the experience vs. those whose reunion hasn’t come yet: 62% of those who went said it was “excellent”, but only 22% of those who have one coming up think it will be excellent. That tells me you might be pleasantly surprised if you go.

Bring your Memorabilia!
A Memorabilia Table will be set-up in the Ballroom Saturday night and at the Sunday Picnic for display. So bring High School memorabilia, candid photographs, elementary class photographs and memorabilia, plus any cool nostalgic artifact others would enjoy seeing on display. Just be sure to protect all photographs and ID all items with your name and cell number. Yes it’s a High School Reunion, but not much is more fun than trying to remember the names of elementary school classmates!

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Reunion

There is never enough time at a 50th High School Reunion to reconnect with all the classmates you intended to, so here are suggestions to make the best use of your time:
1.   Avoid endless discussion about the prescriptions & medications you take and the benefits or side effects you’ve experienced LOL!

2.   Avoid too much talk of the surgeries & procedures you have had or plan to have!

3.   Don’t waste time attempting to convert someone on the opposite side of today’s political divide.

4.   Attend the Friday night Mixer at the River Vale Country Club at 6:00 p.m. and get an early start!

5.   Attend the Sunday Picnic & BBQ to seek out the classmates you somehow missed so far, then connect with those who didn’t attend earlier Reunion events.
Spend your time revisiting “Those Days” at Pascack, when we were exploring our surroundings and learning about the world, laying the foundation for who you were to become – and don’t forget to laugh about the missteps we made and the firsts we experienced together. Ask classmates about the “road” they took since HS: the work they did, what passions they discovered, the world that they’ve seen, and the family they cherish. Everyone has a “story” worth telling!

Why not update or enter a Profile?
Visit your Reunion Website www.pascack67.myevent.com then scroll down the left Menu to “Classmate Profiles.” Enter what you’ve been doing since High School, what interests you, then tell us about your family. It’s your blank page to fill as you like!
ALSO, you’ll find these options on the Menu: who has been working hard to plan the 50th Reunion, “Those Were the Days my Friends” theme song (updated lyrics), the Reunion weekend schedule of events, archived Newsletters, the 2017 Club members, In Memoriam (a list of classmates who have passed), plus Hills & Valley email addresses of many of your former classmates.

Give Facebook a try!

Facebook isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy it or plan to give it a try, follow the Pascack Valley/Hills ’67 50th Year Reunion page. It can be a great way to stay connected with classmates after the Reunion….Wow, there are 157 members already following each others’ posts!!
You may also find these Facebook pages fun to follow:
Pascack Valley/Hills ’67 50th Year Reunion
Pascack Valley High School Friends
Pascack Valley High School
Pascack Hills High School
Vintage Bergen County (nostalgic & fun!)
I Grew up in Woodcliff Lake
Montvale NJ Memories
Hillsdale NJ Memories    (outstanding!)
River Vale NJ Photos
Valley Fair Hillsdale NJ

Survey Winners
Everyone who completed an Attendance Survey were entered in a raffle for a FREE PASS to the Sunday Picnic & BBQ. The lucky winners were: 
Molly Nicoll Doland, Hills & George Lambros, Valley.

Let us help you attend the Reunion Picnic
Generous classmates have donated Free Passes to the Sunday picnic, and there are still some left. For a Free Pass, contact Tom Pisarri at tpisarri@pmcatty.com or Toni Maggio at yesican@hotmail.com. Names of recipients will remain confidential.
Questions? Email, text or call John Markert anytime (PST remember!): jjmarkert@gmail.com or (949)633-1157
Ciao, it has been my pleasure encouraging you to attend this special life event.
To those who actually read the Newsletters, my sincere thanks!
See you all next month,
John Markert (with an “r”)

Catch the Reunion Spirit…it’s Golden!


Your Reunion Newsletter!    

  Vol. #6  –  May  2017
 Countdown to Reunion: only 5 months!!
 Survey Success: Attendance Trending Up!!!
The Results are in but not final by a long shot. As we get closer to the Reunion, on Columbus Day Weekend Oct 6th – 8th, more classmates likely will decide to attend. Along with spouses, our group could approach 150 people by the Reunion!
  • Of the 271 Emails sent, 160 completed the Survey, that’s 59% (37% from Valley and 22% from Hills). If you haven’t completed the Survey, you still can, and we encourage you to do so (see green text box for link).
  • 56% plan to attend and another 20% are “Maybes.”
To see who replied “Yes, No or Maybe,” see the pages following this Newsletter.
Please complete the Survey if you haven’t already, it’s easy and will take less than 5 minutes. Use this link:      https://goo.gl/forms/D4pmEzK68OQx52vB2

But it’s time already to pay the piper!
Unfortunately, sizable payments are due to Marriott so we ask all those who are able to pay for their attendance to the Sat Dinner-Dance and Sunday Picnic to do so RIGHT AWAY (Reunion Committee Members are now paying in full to cover costs).
All money should, however, be in by July 1st.
Of course that doesn’t mean classmates cannot decide to attend after the July payment deadline. And if payment presents a problem right now, please contact either

Tom Pisarri: 201/403-5364 &
tpisarri@pmcatty.com or Toni Maggio: 201/615-2682 & yesican48@hotmail.com  in confidence to work something out. Several prepaid passes to the Sunday Picnic have been donated for those needing assistance.
  • Final cost for the Dinner-Dance is $120 per person
  • Picnic cost is $25 per person.
Make out your check to Pascack ’67 Reunion and mail to our Treasurer:
Carol (Marcellari) Coffey, 9 Hawk Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY. 12601   NEW ADDRESS
Please don’t forget to enclose the Payment Confirmation form

Good Bang For Your Buck
Making attendance affordable has admittedly been a challenge for the Committee, but we believe we all will be getting a lot for our money. The Marriott Hotel in Park Ridge is a splendid venue with fall colors greeting you. The cocktail area and Ballroom are perfect for our purposes and the decorations will add to our Theme. Your fee includes a cocktail hour with hor d’oeuvres and wine & beer provided. The buffet dinner promises to please most, with wine & beer provided an additional 4 hours (until 10:30 pm when cash bar opens). Nostalgic music will fill the room and you’ll be treated to some fun ceremony and videos you’ll be sure to enjoy. Later the brave will rock to ‘60s music to celebrate old times and old friends. A photographer will take candid photos but still use your phone camera too! Remember, there is no dress code: dress up or come very comfortable… but you must wear something!

There is never enough time to catch-up with classmates, so please plan on attending the Picnic in Orangeburg NY on Sunday Oct 8th. While it is BYO booze, there will be food, water, and nonalcoholic drinks provided. Nostalgic music in the background will provide the perfect setting to trade more stories, show family photos, exchange contact information, and plan future get-togethers!
Don’t forget you can start catching-up early by attending the “Meet and Greet” at the River Vale County Club on Friday night Oct 6th after golf. It will be a comfortable relaxed atmosphere, yet exciting to meet classmates who you haven’t seen in years! No need to play golf Friday to attend, but notify Tom Pisarri to play, if you haven’t already.
Questions? Email, text or call John Markert anytime (PST remember!): jjmarkert@gmail.com or 949/633-1157

Catch the Reunion Spirit…it’s Golden!
We have had meetings for the 50th Reunion.
Tom Pisarri welcomes anyone's suggestions
for the reunion or to join us.
Please feel free to e-mail Tom

                                                                            Your Reunion

                                                       Vol. #5 –  December  2016
                                                           Countdown to Reunion: 10 months
It’s Never too Late to Reconnect With Classmates

Whether you plan to attend our 50th Reunion or not, there is little doubt you’ll be rewarded for reconnecting with former classmates. In a prior Newsletter, I challenged classmates to call or write a former classmate friend that they hadn’t had contact with in decades…thankfully, some of you did! Without exception, those who reported back said it was a wonderful experience and were so very glad they made the effort!'

Just this past September, while in the D.C. area, Tom Schmelzer and I got together for a long lunch. I suspect neither one of us expected to have so much fun. Of course we caught up on the last 35 or so years, but recounting old HS experiences was what kept us laughing! Each of us recalled old times that the other had forgotten…no surprise it takes collective memory these days! As you might expect, I was very happy to hear Tom decided to attend our 50th Reunion.

 So, this Holiday Season why not reconnect with a classmate or two? It’s a gift worth giving - to them and to yourself! Then think about bringing those recollections to the 50th Reunion next October. As I’ve written before, without you attending there will be fewer experiences recalled and fewer laughs shared.
Pick Up the Phone, Text, or Email a Classmate

Many of us are “old school” and prefer to connect by phone, but getting classmates’ current phone numbers isn’t always easy. The latest email addresses we have can be found on our Reunion Website, so start there:
Recently reconnected with a classmate? Send me an email about the experience:

Social Networking Helps You Stay Connected…Really!
With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, the world of Social Media can be daunting. Yet more and more people our age are flocking to Facebook to reconnect, and stay connected, with family and friends, while the younger set is moving to Twitter & Instagram to get the latest news.
It is hard to believe I have been on Facebook 3 years now, as I was once an obnoxious cynic! After all, who needs to see what people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? But I was wrong and now enjoy seeing all those family photos and activities of friends. Frankly, my wife JoAnn got tired of me peering over her shoulder looking at photos and told me to get my own “page!” Through Facebook, I have reconnected with a number of high school classmates that I would not otherwise have kept in touch with. It has been more fun than I ever expected and I look forward to seeing them at the Reunion! Nothing is perfect, but overall it can be enjoyable and rewarding for you, too….so don’t wait - take the leap now!

Fun & Informative Facebook
Sites You Might Enjoy

Besides keeping up with family & friends, you might also enjoy checking out a few of the Facebook sites below, once you’ve become accustomed to the ins & outs of your own Facebook “page.”

Pascack Valley/ Hills ’67 50th Reunion (there are already 133 followers!)
Pascack Valley High School Friends
Pascack Valley High School
Pascack Hills High School
Vintage Bergen County
I Grew up in Woodcliff Lake Page
Montvale NJ Memories Page
Hillsdale NJ Memories Page
River Vale NJ Photos
Valley Fair Hillsdale NJ

It helps to have a spouse, child, grandchild or friend already active on Facebook to get you started, or just go to Facebook.com and fill in the blanks.
Our 50th Reunion Weekend: 
October 6th – 8th, 2017

No doubt about it, the more you reconnect with classmates now, the more likely you’ll want to attend our 50th Golden Anniversary Reunion - just 10 months away! Even if you’ve skipped a few Reunions, don’t miss this one! Save the dates and plan early.

Catch the Reunion Spirit…it’s Golden! 


Bulletin 67:
Latest News & Announcements

New - July 22, 2016
Jeff Murren, ‘67 Hills grad and member of the 50th Reunion Committee, passed away Friday the 22nd after a courageous fight against pancreatic cancer. He was a teacher-coach at Fort Lee HS for many years, before retiring in ‘09. Tributes posted on his Facebook page are a testament to how much he was loved and respected by his students, which is no surprise to us! His full obituary, with memorial service details (Thu-Fri 7/28-29), can be viewed at:

New - July 26, 2016
Your 50th Reunion Committee will meet again mid to late August to advance planning for our own Reunion weekend, October 6 - 8, 2017. The Marriott in Park Ridge has already been secured for our Sat evening dinner-dance, as well as, Anderson Field in Orangeburg NY (American Legion Park), for our Sunday picnic. If you would like to participate or attend the Reunion meeting, contact either Co-Chairs: Toni Maggio George at yesican48@hotmail.com or Tom Pisarri at tpisarri@pmcatty.com. My email is jjmarkert@gmail.com

Urgent: To keep you in the loop on progress and other happenings, we need to be able to reach you. Please take a moment to email your current contact information to Virginia Lisanti Ricci at virginialisantiricci@gmail.com. Please provide: 1) Your name, spouse’s name or significant other (as would appear on nametag), 2) Home mailing address, 3) Primary & secondary phone numbers. 4) Primary & secondary email addresses.

New - June 2016
PV Class of 1960 held their 56th HS Reunion at the Woodcliff Manor in Woodcliff Lake, site of our 20th Reunion. Attendees included my brother Tom Markert and Rich Lorenz’ sister-in-law Nancy Cafarella Lorenz, and both reported having a fabulous time! Who said embellishing HS memories stops at the 50th?

New - January 2016
Class of ‘66 Reunion Committee member, Pegi Lynch Boyne, told me they will hold their PHHS/PVHS 50th Reunion dinner-dance on 10/15/16 at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton…..now less than 3 months away!! Their 40th & 45th Reunions were held at the Marriott in Park Ridge, and they loved the venue, but they just “wanted to change it up a little”. My sister Chris Markert Saxton will be attending plus a number of our classmate’s siblings. Who can name the most ‘66-‘67 sibling pairs? Here are a few from just your Reunion Committee: Tom & Ozzie Pisarri, Robin & Dave Schwartz, Geerd & Ono Mattheus….but there are many more! Just for fun, email me your list to jjmarkert@gmail.com

October 1, 2015
As some of you already know, Ted Blumenberg, PV Phys Ed teacher, coach and driving instructor, passed away 9/26/15 at age 76, surrounded by his loving family. Funeral services were held on 10/1/15 in Park Ridge, where he also lived. Ted was a much loved wrestling & track coach, the school’s first soccer coach, and eventually Director of Athletics before he retired. His full obituary can be found at: www.legacy.com/obituaries/northjersey/obituary.aspx?n=theodore-blumenberg&pid=175962628&fhid=17136#sthash.MF12jgJK.dpuf
Survey still open until 11/11/15
If you haven’t taken the Reunion Attendance Survey, there is still time! Join the 40% of Classmates who took just 3-4 minutes to complete the 10 question Survey. Link to Survey Monkey at: www.surveymonkey.com/r/2h3gv56
September 28, 2015
Another fun-filled gathering of classmates & spouses, ended with River Vale besting Hillsdale to win the Pisarri Cup, in Myrtle Beach. This annual event, held in memory of Bill “Duke” Getler, has evolved into more than a golfing event, as the Duke intended. The wet weather didn’t dampen enthusiasm for golf, indoor games, the hilarious Lip Sync Battle, or story telling. Email: jjmarkert@gmail.com for more information. The Welcome Mat is always out!

Reunion 2017 Club Needs Members
Your Reunion Committee relies on nominal contributions from classmates to help defray the cost of maintaining the Reunion Website and postage to reach classmates that can only be contacted by snail mail.  Your check for $20.17 would be most appreciated!!  Go to www.pascack67.myevent.com for details.
August 21, 2015
Introducing “Bulletin 67” to keep you up-to-date on Reunion News and Announcements about your classmates. It features a run-on format with the latest update always on top.

Your Reunion Newsletter will continue to be published periodically with the same unabashed objective: entice you to attend your 50th Class Reunion scheduled the weekend of October 6 - 8, 2017
August 18, 2015
The key objective of the Reunion Committee Meeting held at PHHS on August 15th and Chaired by Tom Pisarri, was to complete evaluation of local restaurants & hotels and select a venue for our Gala Reunion Dinner & Dance to be held on Saturday evening October 7, 2017.
Within Days of the meeting, the Venue Task Team, lead by Linda (Meyer) Verdicchio, recommended the Marriott Hotel in Park Ridge NJ as the site for our dinner & dance. This gorgeous venue satisfies the Committee’s objectives for an upscale affordable location with hotel to accommodate out-of-town classmates attending the Reunion. We expect to reserve a block of rooms at reduced prices.
A YES-NO-MAYBE Reunion Attendance Survey will be emailed to you within 2 weeks. The Committee needs to firm-up it’s attendance estimate in order to complete negotiations with the Marriott and to better plan other weekend events, like the Sunday BBQ picnic. A tentative Schedule-of-Events and price ranges will be included with the Survey.
Completing the survey promptly will help the Committee maintain it’s planning momentum. Results of the survey will be shared later so you know who will attend. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a raffle to win one free ticket to the Sunday picnic. It just might be you!

Thanks to Joanne Mockus Leach
we are now on Facebook as a class,

www.facebook.com  Pascack Valley/Hills '67 50th Reunion.
This is a good way to stay in touch with our classmates!